I started collaborating on Translation and Copywriting work with Italian companies in 2005 and started to focus exclusively on the Italian Film Industry in 2008. I offer a selection of services that cover all the possible needs of professionals working in the visual field.

I have worked with film agencies of all sizes, from small independent directors to larger international companies.

Pre and post production services.

It is important that a translator understands the technical terminology and procedures associated with the TV documentary and film industry. This ensures that translation is precise and no misunderstandings occur.
I provide translations, proofreading and transcriptions for the following projects:

– To allow international communication between filmmakers and documentarians.
– To translate documents pertaining to international film festivals, press conferences, premieres and documentary showcases.
– To assist in communication with directors, filmmakers, actors, production companies, and media.

My video production, film and TV translation services cover areas such as:
Press Conferences – Pre-Production – Film Financing – Film festivals – Film Production – Film Distribution – Scripts – Post-Production – News Coverage – Development – Interviews – Field Work – Transcription

Don’t hesitate to contact me for further details and a no-obligation explanation of what I can specifically do for your company.