Linguistic Support For Film Professionals


A selection of the services I offer agencies like yours


Servizi di traduzione, revisione e trascrizione professionali focalizzate esclusivamente su coloro che lavorano all’interno dell’industria cinematografica italiana.

Copywriting del materiale e testi in inglese

Aiuto a portare chiarezza ed efficacia a tutto il materiale scritto in inglese, dalla formulazione di un semplice Tweet ad un comunicato stampa dettagliato.


Assicuratevi che i vostri profili online in tutte le piattaforme dei social media riflettano la dinamica e la personalità della vostra azienda in tutto ciò che viene pubblicato online.

How would your company dynamic change with a native English speaker on your team?

About me

Linguistic support for visual projects
Helping film professionals to build a strong international profile since 2008

I offer language services such as: Copywriting, Translation, Editing and Content Processing. I work mostly on films, the transcription of business videos, the writing of texts for social media campaigns, or help with your agency's online profile. My services are aimed exclusively at Film, TV and video Production agencies and I've been working in this field since 2008. I've been involved in projects right from initial concept stage but I`m happy to step in at any point in the production process. I have worked with most of my clients for several years and they consider me a member of their overall team. If you need to translate a full dossier, formulate a Tweet or need copywriting for a press release, my goal will always be to produce relevant and engaging content that underlines the professionalism of your agency.

  • Who I work with

    I work with companies of all sizes primarily based in Italy.

  • What I do

    I offer companies a wide range of services that strengthen their international presence.

  • How it works

    I work on a freelance basis offering constant support on an ongoing basis or for specific projects.

  • What next?

    Contact me below for a free no obligation analysis of your specific needs.


I don't disclose the names of the companies I work with but here are some reviews from a selection of current clients

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